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Money Master Plan (formerly Crack Your Money Code)

Your money personality has a HUGE impact on your ability to achieve your dreams — both personal and professional. Join us for a 6-week examination of your money personality as it impacts your future. 

At the end of the program, you’ll have a new understanding of your money personality, how it works for achieving your goals, tools and techniques for moving goals forward, a plan to achieve an exciting goal, and a collective of people, many of whom are women, that want to disrupt inherited money conversations.

Covid-19 is shining a spotlight on all the things that are working or not working in our lives right now--including our relationship to money. You may be lucky enough to still have your job! You might be worried about losing your job. Perhaps you are watching the market and wondering how this uncertainty will impact you.

Are you the financial hero and your family can withstand this storm? Or are you a romantic and hoping it will all turn out okay? Are you the care-taking type and spending money to make sure your family feels good about themselves even though it leaves you with an inner conflict thinking you should be saving the money?

We all have money patterns that had us prepared (or not) for Covid-19. The good news is that if you can crack your money "code" or patterns, you can apply the information now so you can come out of this crazy time feeling better about your financial situation!